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Key Feature :

  • Indicates Strengths and Weakness Signals on the basis of Tom Williams Volume Spread Analysis.
  • Automatically Draws Potential Zone.
  • Draws zone over Strength or Weakness Signal for whole session.
  • Options to hide Historical Action to avoid noise over chart.
  • Shows Cumulative Volume over the Candle to get Picture.
  • Indicates Effort vs Result.
  • Automatically draws zone of High Volume Candle from Higher Time frame.
  • Added Signal Information Function, No any VSA indicator Available on the Tradingview shows Signal Information like this. This function shows VSA signals Description, Background & Future, by pointing the mouse cursor over the signal.
  •  Added Option to change the text size for Mobile view.

These Indicator will help you to complete your trading decision with high precision. As long as you understand the concept of the Accumulation and Distribution area in the volume spread analysis, these tools will help you to predict the presence of Accumulation and Distribution area. Hence, you can predict the best trading opportunity.

Volume Spread Analysis Indicator is the powerful indicator that operated across multiple timeframe. This Indicator will not only provide the bearish and bullish volume spread pattern in the current time frame but also it will detect the same patterns across all timeframe. You just need to open one chart and you will be notified bullish and bearish patterns in all timeframe in real time.

Facts About VSA:

  • Operators and Institutions forms about 60% to 70% of a volume bar.
  • VSA can be used on any time frame.Always Check multi time frames before analysing volumes to determine support and resistance levels. Anything lower is noise. This is because operators know how to game chartists who check singular time frames.
  • Always Remember this if VSA indicates bullishness on lower TF and bearishness on higher TF (or vice versa), it indicates that the operators are trying to chase traders.
  • You have to look for strength in down-bars and weakness in up-bars.
  • The close of the candle is extremely important. The open is not important.
  • Scalpers can use it on 3m-5m Candle, Intra day traders can use it on 15m and 30m charts, BTST traders can analyse VSA on 1H, 2H and Daily time frames, Positional traders should analyse Daily, Weekly and Monthly VSA

* This Indicator works on any market including stocks, indices, forex and commodities.
* It works on the free plan (Basic Version) of  Tradingview, you don’t need to upgrade.

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