Virgin & Narrow CPR with D/W/M CPR


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Key Features of the Indicator :

  1.  Automatically draws Previous Virgin CPR and Shifted Them For Current Session.
  2. Option to select Historical Days of  Virgin CPR.  ( You can Select Historical days as many as you want.)
  3. Automatically Detects Narrow CPR and change the color of that CPR. You Can set alert for Narrow CPR.
  4. Automatically Detects Gap Borders.(Extend it to Current Session)
  5. Option to Change the Different Types of Pivot(Traditional/ Fibonacci/ Camarilla/ Classic/ Woodie/ Demark)
  6. Daily and Next days CPR, If Next days CPR is Narrow,Indicator will Automatically Detects it as Narrow CPR.
  7. Previous Days High & Low.
  8. Daily Support & Resistance.
  9. Weekly, Monthly and  Yearly CPR & VCPR.
  10.  Previous Week’s and Month’s High & Low.
  11.  Option for Pivot Labels & Price, Option to change its position (Right/Left of the Session)
  12.  Options to Hide Historical/ Previous Days Pivot Levels.
  13.  Provides 3  Different Moving Average, gives option to change the length, Color and Type of Moving Average
About Pivot points-
  • Pivot points are one of the most powerful indicators used in Technical analysis .
  •  It is comprised of a pivot line surrounded by a series of support and resistance levels which helps in speculating the price movements.
  • The fundamental idea behind this indicator is that the particular day’s trading range captures everything about the market sentiment, and hence this range can be used to predict the price movement of the following days.
About CPR-
  • CPR is the Swiss Army Knife of pivots , and Like the Moon, the central pivot range controls the tides of the market- by ‘frank’.
  • The previous day’s high, low, and close prices are used to calculate the CPR levels for the current day. And these levels remain constant throughout the day.
  • This indicator was first introduced by Mark Fisher in this book “The Logical Trader”. Frank Ochoa added another dimension, central pivot point to this indicator.
About Virgin CPR-
  •  If the price levels for a particular timeframe do not touch the CPR levels of the same timeframe, then that CPR is known as Virgin CPR.
  • There are a variety of ways you can use CPR indicator for your trading decisions.
    1. CPR Breakout
    2. CPR Width
    3. CPR as Support and Resistance
    4. Interpreting overall trend through CPR


* This Indicator works on any market including stocks, indices, forex and commodities.
* It works on the free plan (Basic Version) of  Tradingview, you don’t need to upgrade.

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