Question : I have paid for Subscription, but not able to access the Indicator.

Answer : After Successful Payment, Access to the indicator will be provided within 6 Hours, in some conditions it may take upto 24 Hrs.

Question: Invite Only Script Section is not Available in TradingViews Indicators List.

Answer: If you haven’t subscribed to any Invite only Indicators in the past,then Invite Only Script Section is Hidden, Once you get Access to any Indicator it will appears automatically. You should have to wait for few minutes or Restart the TradingView Site / App.

Question: After applying the Indicator nothing shows on the Chart.

Answer: This Indicators are Restricted to Timeframe to avoid mess-up on the chart, You have to choose Appropriate timeframe as Indicator Shows.

Question: Indicator is Stuck / Not Loading / Takes time to load.

Answer: It may occured due to Poor Internet Connection Speed, Just Remove and Re-apply the Indicator.

Question : How to Find TradingView Username / ID.

Answer: Click here to find you Tradingview Username /ID

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