Virgin CPR


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Key Features of this Indicator-
  •  It was very tedious and time consuming task to draw virgin CPR daily for retail traders, but Now there is no need to draw it Manually.
  • This Indicator Automatically plots Previous Virgin CPR and shift them for todays session.
  • Indicator provides Option to select Historical Days of  Virgin CPR. (You can Select Historical days as many as you want.)
  • Gives Option to Change the Color, Style & Thickness of CPR lines and Background color of CPR.
  • Virgin CPR Label with Price of Virgin CPR

About Virgin CPR

  • If the price levels for a particular timeframe do not touch the CPR levels of the same timeframe, then that CPR is known as Virgin CPR.
  • There are a variety of ways you can use CPR indicator for your trading decisions.
    1. CPR Breakout.
    2. CPR Width.
    3. CPR as Support and Resistance.
    4. Interpreting overall trend through CPR.


* This Indicator works on any market including stocks, indices, forex and commodities.
* It works on the free plan (Basic Version) of  Tradingview, you don’t need to upgrade.

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